What is Hogeys Social Club

Hogeys Social Club is an Orangeville community service club which proudly operates the Orangeville Community Fundraising Association for the betterment of our community and its residents.Hogeys Social Club attracts members who have an interest in providing some form of public service to their community, but without the time commitment normally required by other well well established local community service clubs. Hogeys Social Club operates through a social club environment for the purposes of raising money to support different types of community and/or individual fundraising needs. While Hogeys Social Club operates a number of their own fundraising activities, the club is also available to help other local community service clubs with their own fundraising and community endeavours.

What is Orangeville Community Fundraising Association

Orangeville Community Fundrasing Association is a registered non-profit organization(Ontario Corporation Number 1824596), proudly chartered and incorporated on December 10, 2010 for the sole purpose of providing community fundraising opportunities through community social event activities

How To Get Involved

Getting involved in Hogeys Social Club is as easy as sending Richard Menard an email at rmenard7@hotmail.com, from there we will add you to our email database and we will send you out an email and update you when we will be having a meeting or considering doing a fundraising event. Please remember that there is no obligation to attend our meetings or participate in our fundraising events, the email we send you simply invites to our meeting and/or invites you to get involved in our next fundraising event. If you can attend our next meeting and/or get involved with our next fundraising event, that would be great, if you cannot attend or get involved because of personal or work commitments, that’s OK – we will continue to update you by email communication. This way you can choose to be as involved as you want, or be as uninvolved as you want, but hopefully you can help out in some way throughout the year. There is no membership fee to join, there are no annual fees, so joining the Hogeys Social Club is as simple as sending an email; so please send Richard Menard an email so you can help us with some very worthwhile community events. Thank you so much.

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